Balance Assessment

Services we provide by appointment:

  • Diagnostic Hearing Assessments - Adults/Children5+
  • Hearing Aid Fitting/Servicing/Batteries
  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
  • Balance, Dizziness, Vertigo Assessments
  • Custom Hearing Protection
  • Industrial Hearing Tests
  • Wax Removal

It’s your choice…

  • Feilding Clinic or Palmerston North Clinic.
  • Andrea Hopkins or Sam Veale.

Available from April 2019

We are in the process of introducing comprehensive Balance Assessment to our PN clinic, for those people suffering from Balance problems, Dizziness, or Vertigo.

Every patient who is assessed for Balance/Dizziness/Vertigo, must first have a Diagnostic Hearing Assessment.  This would usually be done on a prior appointment to any Balance Assessment.

The equipment we use for Balance Assessment is the ICS Impulse, which consists of:

    *  High-speed USB camera to measure eye movements, including the ability to record the eye and identify catch-up saccades, nystagmus and skew deviation.

    *  Superior sensor that measures head movement and allows for Head Position Feedback.

    *  Built-in calibration lasers that provide stimulus for calibration and oculomotor testing.

OTO Impulse goggle slant spot

Balance Tests

This is a suite of tests using the ISC Impulse equipment.  Not all tests would be necessary for every patient, but all are available at Heartland Hearing & Balance.  Sometimes these tests may be performed over more that one appointment.

Oculomotor:  simple and quick tests that assist in determining if the disorder is central or peripheral.

Head Impulse (vHIT):  assesses all six semicircular canals, using fast but small head movements.

Positional:  assesses and treats patients with BPPV with increased accuracy.

Caloric:  is used to discover the degree to which the vestibular system is responsive, and also how symmetric the responses are between left and right ears.

OTO Impulse screen spot

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