Services we provide by appointment:

  • Diagnostic Hearing Assessments - Adults/Children5+
  • Hearing Aid Fitting/Servicing/Batteries
  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
  • Balance, Dizziness, Vertigo Assessments
  • Custom Hearing Protection
  • Industrial Hearing Tests
  • Wax Removal

It’s your choice…

  • Feilding Clinic or Palmerston North Clinic.
  • Andrea Hopkins or Sam Veale.

At Heartland Hearing & Balance, we have a very careful approach.

We see fewer people, take more time, and charge less.

We fully comply with ACC/MoH requirements.

Questions welcomed on any hearing or balance/dizziness related matter.

Problems hearing in background noise?

Would like a 2nd opinion about hearing aids?

Have hearing aids that could be better?

Dizziness or Balance problems?



Clinics re-open Monday 7th Jan 2019.

Phone and email messages will still be received,
and we will generally respond within 24 hrs 
(unless the fish are really biting)...


Heartland Audiology Ltd has been operating in Manawatu since 2014, and has become a successfull Manawatu institution.  In February 2019 we are adding Balance, Dizziness and Vertigo Assessments to our practice.  Due to this welcome and necessary addition, we have changed our clinic name from “Heartland Audiology” to "Heartland Hearing and Balance”.

(JT) = Jill Taiaroa
(AH) = Andrea Hopkins
(SV) = Sam Veale


Monday (AH)
Wednesday (JT)
Thursday (SV)
8.30am to 5.00pm


Monday (SV)
Tuesday (SV)
Wednesday (SV)
Thursday (JT)
Friday (JT)
8.30am to 5.00pm

* the above times are indicative only, and are subject to change.

The shaking air rattled Lord Edward's membrane tympani; the interlocked malleus, incus, and stirrup bones were set in motion so as to agitate the membrane of the oval window and raise an infinitesimal storm in the fluid of the labyrinth. The hairy endings of the auditory nerve shuddered like weeds in a rough sea; a vast number of obscure miracles were performed in the brain, and Lord Edwards ecstatically whispered "Bach!"

Aldus Huxley, Point Counter Point (1928)

“Hello, my name is Sam Veale.  I’m one of the independent audiologists for Heartland Hearing & Balance.  Please read the page: "Why See Us?” or contact us for further information.  If you are interested in our backgrounds, you can read the Our People page on this site.  

“The two most important things for ANY person seeing ANY health professional are:

  • TO BE UNDERSTOOD.  We will take time with you to LISTEN, and to make sure we understand what you are explaining to us.
  • TO UNDERSTAND.  We will do our best to help you understand your test results, and how they will be contributing to your own experience of hearing/communication, or balance/dizziness/vertigo.

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